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Nom Nom Ramen

Finally!  Authentic Hakata Style Tonkotsu Ramen in Philadelphia!  A masterful bowl whose superior ingredients and magnificent, robust flavor would truly stand out for you to savor to the last slurp!

We take the time to boil selected pork bones for more than 24 hours to extract the richness from the marrow, cartilage and meats.  Then we add vegetables, kelp, mushrooms and other ingredients to make our cherished Tonkotsu soup. 

From the pot, the soup goes into bowls where it is infused with our delicious blend.  Into the completed broth we add our exclusive Hakata style noodles boiled to just the right consistency (which can be altered to your taste). 

Finally topped with fresh scallions, marinated bamboo shoots, crunchy kikurage mushrooms and mouth watering chashu pork belly sprinkled with sesame seed completes why our ramen is “Nom Nom”!

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